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Denise Morriss - Principal


Oakwood School Building

Oakwood Elementary Recognized by US News & World Report

Monday November 1, 2021- Oakwood Elementary School received the ranking of #34 in Missouri Elementary Schools; this places the school in the top 30% of elementary schools in Missouri, according to the U.S. News & World Report. 
Denise Morriss, Principal of Oakwood Elementary is excited for the recognition, “Oakwood staff is committed to holding ourselves and our students to the highest expectations.  We believe in working with families as a team and moving each and every student academically and socially.  It is so wonderful that our hard work is being recognized and noticed.   Our goal moving forward is to make a great school even better.  We will continue to collaborate with one another, with our families and with our community.  Oakwood is a wonderful place to be, we love kids and we will continue to expect great accomplishments. We are also very proud of students and their hard work. ”
Shawn Brown, Assistant Superintendent of Hannibal Public Schools added, “This recognition is very well deserved by the students and staff at Oakwood Elementary.  We have seen students in all of our subgroup areas within Oakwood Elementary performing at or above their peers across the state on state assessments over the past few years. Although these rankings specifically target state assessment scores at the elementary level from the 2018-2019 school year, we continue to see positive growth with our students in these state assessments at most levels within our school district.”
See the full report here: https://www.usnews.com/education/k12/missouri/badge-eligible-school-246131

Welcome Back

Oakwood Elementary Arrival and Dismissal 2020-2021

Parking Lot etiquette:

  • The circle drive in the very front of the building is designated for buses only.  Please do not use that drive.

  • If you are driving your student to school, please use the front parking lot.  If your child is ready to go, they may exit your car at the sidewalk.   You do not have to wait to let them out at the crosswalk, they may exit the car at any point in the parking lot.  I do ask that they walk on the sidewalk to the crosswalk in order to safely cross.  If your child is not ready, pull into the parking lot so that you don’t block traffic.  If you need to get out of the vehicle to help your student with something, please pull into the parking lot.

Dismissal: Our car rider dismissal procedure will be similar to last year.  Please read the following directions carefully.  We need to work together in order for this procedure to work smoothly.  The first few days may move slowly as we work out the kinks and students learn their numbers, but, rest assured, once we are all in our routines, it will move much more quickly.  If someone other than yourself is picking up your student, please explain to them our procedures.

Walkers will be dismissed out the front entrance at 3:05.

Car Rider Dismissal: Begins at 3:10 pm 

Please have the enclosed Car Rider Number displayed during pick-up and stay in your vehicle.  If you do not have your number, please call the office and we will provide you with one.  4 copies of the Car Rider Dismissal number will be provided.  If someone is picking up your child without a number, the parent will need to contact the school before 2:00 pm and state who is picking up your child.  A driver’s license will be required to verify identity.

There will be two lines of cars.  Vehicles should pull forward along the curb in the parking lot.  Do not pull into a parking space, but along the curb.  Once the curb is full, make a second line near the grass line.  A school employee will radio in your family number to staff inside.  Students will remain in the building until their family number has been called.  At that time, students will be released to walk along the sidewalk to enter your vehicle.  

For the safety of our students, all vehicles will be released at one time rather than pulling out immediately after your child has entered your vehicle.  Once students are safely inside all the vehicles, school personnel will release the cars to exit the parking lot.  Please do not pull around another vehicle, wait to pull out of the parking lot until personnel has released your line of cars.   It is imperative that we all work together to ensure our students’ safety!  

Please note: if a vehicle is empty, the student number will NOT be called.  It is important that you stay in your vehicle.  For that reason, those waiting under the awning, on the sidewalks or in a parking space will be the last to be called.  

As always, please call the school prior to 2:00 if your child is changing transportation methods.  Ie: will be a car rider and is normally a bus rider or vice versa.

Bus Riders will be dismissed from the Library to the Bus Loop.      

If you have any questions, please call me.  Once again, the first few days may take longer, but once we get in our routines, it will move quickly and smoothly as long as we are all patient!!!

Oakwood Elementary Safety Procedures Enacted through COVID-19

  1. Currently, board policy leaves masks as optional. There is a board meeting on July 18.I will update you with any changes with a school reach call and/or Facebook.

  2. Water Bottles – Water fountains are turned off. We do have water bottle fillers where students may fill their bottles. I encourage all students to bring a water bottle daily. Please label. Take home each day to properly clean.

  3. Chromebooks – All students in grades 2, 3, 4 and 5 will be issued a chromebook and a charger. Chromebooks must be brought charged back and forth to school each day. Your child will miss valuable instruction and work time if they do not have their chromebook and it is not charged. Students in grades K and 1 will have access to chromebooks at school.

  4. Student Health Screening – Parents are asked to screen your child daily. If your child has a temperature of 100 or higher, please do not send your child to school.

  5. Student Safety

    1. All classrooms will have assigned seating.

    2. Hand sanitizing will be completed, at minimum, at the following times:

      1. Entry of building

      2. Entry of classroom

      3. Before and after restroom

      4. Before and after lunch

      5. Before and after recess

      6. Before and after any group lessons

    3. All supplies will be used by an individual student, not shared. If, and when, any item is used by more than one child, the item will be sanitized between.

    4. All extra events, including PTO and grade level musicals, will be held with restrictions dependent upon circumstances at the time of the event.

  6. Lunch – Students will continue to eat lunch in the cafeteria/gym. They will be served a hot tray. I have added time between shifts for sanitizing and more tables for distance between students.

Please let me know if you have specific questions or concerns and I am happy to work through those with you.

Denise Morriss

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